Agentic Iced Etcetera

PinchukArtCentre, Kiev, Ukraine
Feb. 16 - Apr. 21, 2013

The exhibition at PinchukArtCentre focuses on newly produced works, sharing the common themes of chance in everyday life, hopelessly romantic relationships, and the tendency for magical thinking, to name a few. From his earliest video and installation works, the mutability of human nature has been the central theme of Tony Oursler's work, fueled by his fascination with the psyche and systems of belief. The resulting sculptures, videos and installations challenge the viewer's preconceptions of humor, insanity, rationality, schizophrenia, and culturally constructed notions of good and evil. Formally, Oursler has developed a wide-ranging use of materials from resin, glass, fabric, steel, and found objects, which are kaleidoscopically overlaid with projection, light and sound, forming a unique embodiment of these themes. Oursler's work invites the viewer to question their relationship with mass (multi-)media, and ranges from an examination of television (and its surrounding structures) to a questioning of the psychological effects of digital communication tools such as mobile phones and the Internet.