Blue Invasion: Artist Statement

By Tony Oursler
Published in
Jan. 1, 2005

-You can feel the color that is cold or hot for you close your eyes run your hand over them just above yes an inch or two feel anything?

-You seem in an auric cloud yellow tonight

-Hey you what's your fav color?

-You look like you could use a boost try color charging

-We got your dreams over here

-Any color to fit your mood,

-We are products of the stars and now you can listen to them

-Oh be a fine girl kiss I! That's a system used to rate the heat of starts from hot to cool O B A F G K M, that how the students remember it.

-Look up that's where you came from

-Look at a color and close your eyes, know what you'll see? The opposite color? Now what does that tell you?

-What color eyes do you have? The iris is like the universe around a black hole. Come have a look at black.

A meteor has crash-landed in the park in the center of the city of Sidney. It is glowing from the inside and shows some form of life in fact it may be a prism as colors are streaming forth from it. It is surrounded buy onlookers and officials studying it. We find it perhaps taped off, we are sad because we want to be closer. It could be toxic, not on purpose, so the public does not touch it. Video is constantly being taken of it and there are projections of light. The ground close to the meteor is smoking hot. It has burned through the atmosphere to help us. And to pick up some of the images which emanate from the rock eyes mouths and body parts as well as symbols of all sorts (this rock is alive and the spearhead of some sort of invasion. There are men and women walking around the rock doing things making measurements photographing and using laser to take other readings sharing information. A small satellite, dishes can also be seen at this site to complete the picture of the material inside the stone.

The rock has a life form in it that believes light to be the universal means of communication and any sophisticated culture would have the knowledge to break light into it's components as Newton did in 1666 with the prism and identify the spectrum and thus it follows that the codification of light would be a natural first language. The heavens are nothing but a series of points of lights and reading starlight has captured the imagination of this and our life forms.

We greet a vastly superior intelligence is on our planet. We are sorry to say that after what some estimate may have been 10,000 years of wandering space the creatures are confused. The creatures of the rock have received media signals in space in the form of radio and television fragments as well as SETI signals over the last 70 or so years and have mastered our language and can take on the guise of these signals and communicate with us in the form of reverse broadcasts a slightly different way than we do it. Directly into the mind of the viewer. They also broadcast directly onto the environment: trees, buildings, fountains and the ground it's self become screens for the messages from the rock.

Some people have become over whelmed when they discovery of a new benevolent life form while others are suspicious. Some have fallen into the fountain and are spraying water into the air to collect images and text from the information rich environment around the park. SETI has set up a series of colored lights and antenna to see if it can find another means of communicating with the entity.

And at least one news team is religiously interviewing people around the park documenting this historic event and they seem to have a new form of technology T-ray perhaps given to them by the creatures in their camera as though they are under control of the entity occasionally. They are very pro rock and speak for it sometimes. Another confusing element in the messages that can only be explained by millions of years of parallel evolution: it seems that the messages are all color based in content. It is as if the rock, prism- like, believes we will understand things better if we think of them in terms of color. We agree. Harmonic auric color charge is human power fused with off earth sounds: listen to the record. The colors are there. The rock has released a number of 'entities' or 'reflections' of it's self in the form of video and humanoid in nature onto the trees and pure light onto other trees. Thus the question: does the rock makes any distinction between that of sentient life forms or does it treat all life as intelligent or does it have some other motivation that remains mysterious. Too bad the trees will die but others will grow. Large and green. Perhaps it has chosen the park with its memorials to war and attention to new growth in vegetation as the perfect spot for its message. Regeneration of color life. Now if we can only understand we have written some of its messages in these books for you to decode. As far as we can tell. These entities roughly corresponding to the 7 basic colors and black. The color of space and all colors at once. And the communiques they present are riddle like in their color obsession. You must now decode we have some information for you we have done the best we can do up to now.

Thus the rainbow of booklets are examples of the rock entity and creature color texts. Through followers the rock has written as much of the missives and fragments of language and images that they can into this array of color pamphlets and sound CD's New reports and fresh material comes to us constantly we will try to record all of it.