Crossed Circuits; Norte Sul Leste Oeste

Museu de Arte Moderna, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jan. 22 - Mar. 31, 2013

In collaboration with the Centre Pompidou, the Museu de Arte Moderna presents the group show Crossed Circuits. Tony Oursler exhibits his site specific video projection and sound installation--Norte Sul Leste Oeste--in Ibirapuera Park, which houses the museum. 

In the Portuguese language, the four cardinal point-north, south, east, and west-are personified and each assigned an idiosyncratic character: north being a passive-agressive follower, seeking order over chaos; south being idealistic, cosmic and outgoing; east as having an existential crisis and invovled in a kind of interior analysis; and west is a warm romantic. So they engage, harass each other, argue, and interact within the park, starting at sunset, when they will make their appearance.