Fairy Tales Forever (Bell Deep)

Aarhus Kunstmuseum | Aros, Denmark
Aug. 25 - Dec. 30, 2005

The exhibition Fairy Tales Forever was the museums tribute to Hans Christian Andersen on the occasion of his 200th birthday. The fantastic universe of fairy tales is the centre of the exhibition experience as the audience is led through a maze of art works. 24 international artists have accepted an invitation from the museum to present works made especially for this exhibition. The result is a presentation of photographs, videos, installations, paintings, drawings and sculptures. In titling the exhibition Fairy Tales Forever our aim has been to underscore the notion, that the domain of the fantastic embodies eternal values and that the fairy tale universe of life and death, good and evil, true and false, wisdom and stupidity, and, above all, of love still serves as a source of inspiration to today's artists. Artists in the exhibition include Tony Oursler, Julie Nord, Christian Lemmertz, Jeff Koons, Tony Matelli and Ernesto Neto.