Glare Schematics

Albert Baronian Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Nov. 21, 2013 - Jan. 11, 2014

Albert Baronian is pleased to announce the second exhibition of Tony Oursler entitled Glare Schematics, the exhibition presents a distinctively new series of sculptural works by Tony Oursler, existing on the wall as well as on the floor, as well as ten new drawings.

In the new exhibition Glare Schematics, Oursler begins a distinctively new series of work which exist on the wall as well as the floor, encompassing the notion of identity analysis made physical in poetic multimedia schematics. These works explore the idea of making visible private psychoanalytical and genealogical maps embodied in icons of one's past and present. Oursler suggest and interlocking chain of influences. These works suggest an interconnected chains of influences as nemonic images ranging from body parts, masks, stock mythological characters, serpents, demons, family portraits, abstract lights, and celestial bodies, all connected via metallic vectors which define the associative links. Oursler asks, "who are we at any given moment, and how did we become what we are?" 

The resulting works of Glare Schematics are at once comical and dark, forming an aggregation of influences, experiences, phobias, emotions, desires, brain chemistry, and genetics. To reflect his exploration of iconic memories, Oursler makes use of a wide array of materials and devices, including anthropological objects, pop cultural masks, to high resolution flat screens, digital archival prints, and painting, all linked with chromed silver and gold schematic forms. Masks and paintings become animated and uncanny through the use of small flat screens. When looking at these works, the artist intends to evoke in the viewer a fusion of logograms, family trees industrial flow charts and scientific diagrams.