LOCK 2,4,6 Exhibition Catalogue

By Tony Oursler
Published by Kunsthaus Bregenz
Mar. 31, 2010

Essays by Friedemann Malsch, Constance DeJong and Gunter Gebauer, interview by John C. Welchman

The catalogue book presents the artists new works created for the Kunsthaus Bregenz in large-format illustrations. In his well-informed essay Friedemann Malsch, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, draws connections between Ourslers current works and his early oeuvre. In an interview conducted in New York, Tony Oursler and John C. Welchman fathom the artist's recent impulses which are manifested in the inclusion of painting, for example. Gunter Gebauer, Freie Universitat Berlin, examines the ambivalent attitude between the fascination for and critique of the screen and media worlds which is so decisive for Ourslers work. A CD completes the numerous illustrations. The design of the artist workbook is developed in close collaboration with the artist.