Psychomimetiscape, 1988

By Philip K. Dick and Tony Oursler
Published in
July. 20, 1988

Philip K. Dick: So what can this thing do?
Tony Oursler: The first job of the model is to harmonize the perceptual modes corresponding to electronic imaging and physical imaging: the video and the sculptural portions of the the work. The second job of the model world is to constantly shift scale and location. The video must be freed from the constraints of its manufactured housing.
The controversial electromagnetic screen has always been paradoxical, as it actual size and its perceived size vary greatly. To look at the images on the screen is an act of automatic suspension of disbelief, in fact one doesnt look at the screen at all. To see the screened images is to enter into a hypnotically enhanced psycho-mirroring system.
Whats really happening is that one reassembles or decodes visual-sonic language in a subjective, psychosomatic manner. It is well known that in the realm of the mind, scale is measured in ever distorting units. The mental picture knows no boundaries. That's were Im working, trying to make machines that coax the viewer to engage with the transformation. This is the foundation of the Phychomimetiscape.